Environmental Protection at Iberboard

At Iberboard, we integrate environmental care into all aspects of our business: from sustainable raw material sourcing to advanced manufacturing, all while focusing on the circular economy.

Raw Materials: Sustainably Sourced, Responsibly Used

Our journey towards sustainability begins with the choice of our raw materials.
We utilize recycled paper and cardboard, sourced responsibly to minimize environmental impact. At the end of its useful life, Dorexpack board can be recycled again to produce paper and board.
  • Essence: 100% recycled, 100% recycable solidboard solutions.
  • Advantage: Reducing environmental footprint, preserving natural resources.

Smart Factory

Efficiency Meets Innovation

Iberboard’s factories are centers of Smart Innovation
With cutting-edge water recycling, energy-saving plants, and wastewater treatment, our ‘Smart Factory’ approach highlights our dedication to lower carbon emissions and improved energy use.

Minimizing waste

Maximizing energy efficiency
Reducing carbon emissions


Our cogeneration plant supplies the mill with the required energy produced in the most efficient way. We are energy self sufficient. We promote the use of clean fuels that minimize atmospheric emissions.


All wastewater generated in the production process is treated in our own extensive wastewater treatment plant. The biological treatment achieves a level of water purification that allows its reutilization or the discharge to the natural environment.

Product Innovation

Local Resource, Global Impact: Transforming Regional Byproducts

We use locally sourced nutshell in our manufacturing.
This creative approach not only marks a significant step towards sustainability but also positions us as industry leaders in adopting eco-friendly alternatives.
By turning a natural byproduct into a valuable resource, we’re not just reducing our environmental impact and supporting water reduction, but also adding structural strength and stability, enhancing durability.

Circular Economy

Sustainable & Regenerative

At Iberboard we strive to create products that contribute to a sustainable lifecycle. By prioritizing the reuse and recycling of materials, we not only reduce environmental impact but also foster a more sustainable business model.
  • Strategy: Reusing and recycling materials, closing the loop.
  • Outcome: Prolonging product lifecycle, supporting a regenerative economic model.

Official Certification

Our Commitment, Endorsed

Our dedication to environmental protection is recognized and validated by numerous certifications.
We proudly hold FSC® Chain of Custody certification and comply with ISO 14001 standards and the standard UNE-EN-71 policy for safe toys, showcasing our adherence to strict environmental policies and practices
FSC ®, Chain of custody certification under COC certification FSC-STD-40-004-V3.1
PEFC, Chain of custody of forest based products PEFC ST 2002:2020 (PEFC/14-33-00048)
BLUE ANGEL Award of the environmental label under the Blue Angel standard RAL-UZ56
ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management Systems
ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems
At Iberboard, we are committed with UN Goals. This is how we are working towards a better future
Health and Well-being: By innovating in recyclable and sustainable materials, Iberboard promotes practices that are safe for human health and the environment.
Quality Education: Compact cardboard toys contribute to an education where sustainability and the circular economy are cornerstones.
Gender Equality: The steering committee of Iberboard is gender-balanced, as a demonstration of our commitment to equal opportunities at all levels of the company.
Clean Water and Sanitation: Through its practices of closed-loop water recycling and wastewater treatment, Iberboard contributes to the sustainable management of water.
Affordable and Clean Energy: Iberboard generates its own energy and, according to European standards, saves more than 10% of primary energy in its production processes.
Responsible Consumption and Production: Iberboard emphasizes sustainable production by using recycled materials for the manufacturing of recyclable products.
Climate Action: Its sustainable practices and energy efficiency contribute to the mitigation of climate change.
Partnerships for the Goals: Iberboard establishes partnerships with stakeholders in its value chain who also promote sustainability and commitment to the SDGs.
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