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IBERBOARD MILL SL, manufacturer and manipulator of graphic cardboard, establishes this policy in accordance with the provisions of the Quality Management Manual based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2018 standard “Management systems of the Quality. Requirements” and UNE-EN ISO 50001:2018 Energy management systems”, based on the following objectives and commitments regarding quality and energy management:

Prioritize quality, energy efficiency, occupational health, and safety as well as respect for the environment in all activities. People are our most valuable resource.

Guarantee compliance with legal requirements and other requirements applicable to the activity, especially those related to energy efficiency, energy use and consumption.

Offer, supply products and services to our clients according to the demands, legal requirements and established specifications and become the leader of the Mediterranean arc, positioning ourselves as one of the main suppliers of our clients.

Continuously improve the competitiveness of the company, perfecting and optimizing processes with the aim of achieving a production of 70,000 T per year with the inclusion of new products and expansion of the activity to new markets.

Continuous improvement of the management system and its processes through audits, study, and implementation of corrective and preventive actions.

Promote process-based management, considering the analysis of risks and opportunities in its improvement processes and strategic planning.

Minimize and optimize energy consumption.

Support the acquisition of energy efficient products and services, as well as take energy performance into account in the design activities of products, processes, or facilities.

Reach the quality and productivity levels established through the corresponding monitoring indexes in search of continuous improvement and energy efficiency.

To achieve these objectives, the Management undertakes to implement all the necessary measures and to ensure the availability of the information and resources necessary to comply with this policy. We also have every one of the people in the organization and other interested parties in aspects that affect their responsibility for the quality of products and services, maintaining the firm conviction of doing it with the utmost respect for the environment, efficiency energy, occupational health, and safety.

Based on the above, Joan Vila Torra, as CEO, approves this policy and declares it to be binding and knowledgeable by all people in the organization and other interested parties.

Alcover 27/04/2021