Packaging & Logistics

Iberboard revolutionizes Packaging & Logistics by introducing paper-based solutions that are both sustainable and sturdy.

Our offerings are tailored to replace traditional materials like plastic and wood, ensuring your products are packaged and transported safely while minimizing environmental impact. 100% organic, 100% recyclable.

KPIs focus on reducing carbon footprint, enhancing recyclability, and maintaining product integrity during transit.


Sustainable Shipping Containers
Eco-conscious containers for a wide range of products.
  • Durable design ensures product protection.
  • Recyclable materials reduce carbon footprint.
Custom Logistics Solutions
Tailored packaging and logistics solutions meet specific industry needs.
  • Flexible and efficient supply chain management.
  • Innovative designs support sustainability initiatives.
Other uses: Bulk transport boxes, temperature-controlled packaging, protective casings for fragile items.

Transform your packaging and logistics with our sustainable, paper-based solutions