Replace non-recyclable PVC signposting with eco-friendly, paper-based solutions.

In the Viscom sector, Iberboard leads the transition towards greener alternatives. Our paper-based materials are designed to replace traditional PVC signposting, offering a recyclable, eco-friendly option without sacrificing visibility or durability. 100% organic, 100% recyclable.

KPIs include visual impact, weather resistance, and ease of recycling.

Sustainable Signage for Retail and Events
Eco-friendly solutions for retail environments and events.
  • High-quality prints capture attention.
  • Recyclable materials minimize environmental impact.
Green Point-of-Sale Displays
Innovative displays designed to boost retail engagement.
  • Enhances product visibility and shopper experience.
  • Aligns with corporate sustainability goals with eco-friendly materials.
Other uses: Exhibition booths, fair stands, banners, informational kiosks, menu boards, promotional posters.

Revolutionize your signage with our sustainable, paper based materials. Get in touch for innovative Viscom solutions.