Home Decor

Sustainable solutions that beautify spaces and the planet.

In Home Decor, our products support creative and sustainable ideas. 100% organic, 100% recyclable.

KPIs include design flexibility, strength for protecting delicate items, optimal finishing, personalisation through printing, and sustainable production.

Structural Material for Furniture
Innovative structural materials offer sustainable alternatives for furniture design.
  • Provides durability and aesthetic flexibility.
  • Eco-friendly options reduce environmental footprint.
New Wall Material
Eco-conscious wall materials offer alternatives to traditional drywall.
  • Enhances interior design with sustainable choices.
  • Supports green building practices with low environmental impact.
Other uses: Lighting fixtures, home deco, kitchenware, bathroom accessories, storage solutions, DIY and craft kits.

Engage with us to find eco-friendly options that enhance and protect your home decor products