Food & Beverage

Sustainable packaging that keeps freshness intact.

Our solidboard solutions for the Food & Beverage industry are tailored to maintain product freshness and integrity, with a focus on reduction of single-use plastic.

Key KPIs include moisture resistance, transport optimization, and recyclability.

Eco Skin Pack

Eco Skin packaging offers a harmonious balance between eco-friendliness and functionality, catering to the growing demand for sustainable yet effective packaging solutions.
Blending environmental responsibility with practical benefits, making it a smart option for those looking to reduce their ecological footprint while maintaining product integrity and appeal.
Here’s a concise overview of its advantages:
  1. Moisture Resistance: Its material provides superior moisture resistance, crucial for maintaining product freshness and reducing waste.
  2. Sustainable Materials: Comprised of recycled and recyclable resources, Eco Skin packaging aligns with green initiatives, appealing to eco-aware consumers, enabling separate disposal of the components.
  3. Transport Durability: Its sturdy design ensures products are protected during shipping, lowering the risk of damage and loss.
  4. Enhanced Branding: Offers excellent printing quality for vibrant branding, improving visibility and attractiveness on retail shelves.
Eco Skin packaging offers an harmonious balance between eco-friendliness and functionality, catering to the growing demand for sustainable yet effective packaging solutions.

Available in 2 materials: white lined coated board and Hydroboard®️

White-lined Coated Board

  • Printed and laminated on one or two sides.
  • Available blank or with flanges (easy open and/or recycling flange).
  • Special designs on request.
  • Two standard sizes B5 and B6.
  • Customized sizes upon request.
  • Food contact certifications.


  • Additional plastic reduction through suppression of bottom plastic liner.
  • Plastic-free, waterproof and grease barrier.
  • Thermo-sealable Hydroboard®️.
  • Printable on the back side.
  • Two standard sizes B5 and B6.
  • Customized sizes upon request.
  • Food contact certifications.

Pizza Base

Incorporating advanced IB BLUE material for pizza base packaging represents a significant step forward in sustainable packaging solutions. 
This innovative approach offers numerous benefits for businesses looking to enhance their environmental responsibility without sacrificing product quality or operational efficiency.
Incorporating IB BLUE material into pizza base packaging reflects a major leap towards more sustainable and functional packaging solutions. This approach offers significant benefits for businesses aiming to merge environmental responsibility with maintaining high-quality standards.
Adopting IB BLUE material for pizza base packaging offers a blend of sustainability and functionality. Here are the streamlined benefits:
  1. Sustainability and Environmental Impact: Utilizing IB BLUE reduces reliance on non-eco-friendly packaging, aligning with environmental goals and enhancing consumer perception of a brand’s commitment to sustainability. Pizza base is 100% recyclable.
  2. Product Integrity and Safety: Suitable for various temperatures and humid conditions, IB BLUE maintains product freshness and is food-safe, ensuring quality and safety in food handling.
  3. Consumer Appeal and Operational Efficiency: This eco-friendly packaging solution appeals to eco-conscious consumers and fits seamlessly into existing production lines, ensuring no compromise on efficiency.
IB BLUE material demonstrates how sustainable practices can be integrated into the food industry without sacrificing quality, safety, or operational effectiveness, making it a smart choice for environmentally responsible businesses.

Watertight Self-assembling Boxes

Hydroboard®️ Watertight Self-Assembling Boxes redefine sustainable packaging with their eco-friendly, plastic-free design, serving as an ideal alternative to polystyrene. Customizable, durable, and suitable for a range of conditions, they seamlessly blend environmental responsibility with practicality.
Watertight self-assembling boxes crafted from Hydroboard®️ material represent a transformative step in sustainable packaging, providing a compelling alternative to traditional polystyrene boxes.
Designed with both the environment and functionality in mind, these boxes address the urgent need for greener packaging solutions without sacrificing performance.
Here’s a detailed look at their advantages:
  1. Sustainable and Plastic-Free: Utilizing Hydroboard®️, these boxes are entirely plastic-free, offering a waterproof and grease barrier that sets a new standard for eco-friendly packaging. As a direct alternative to polystyrene boxes, they significantly reduce environmental impact by leveraging materials that are both sustainable and recyclable.
  2. Optimized for frozen Conditions: Engineered with a hard-sizing treatment, these boxes excel in preserving contents at frozen temperatures, ensuring that products remain protected in a variety of conditions. This feature makes them especially valuable for the food industry, where maintaining product integrity during transport is critical.
  3. Customizable: The ability to request customized sizes allows for versatile packaging solutions tailored to specific product needs. This customization reduces excess material use and ensures optimal fit, enhancing the overall protection and presentation of the contents.
  4. Promotional Potential: The printable outer surface of these watertight self-assembling boxes offers an excellent opportunity for branding. Businesses can utilize this feature to print logos, marketing messages, or product information directly on the packaging, enhancing brand visibility and consumer engagement.
  5. Food Safety Assured: Certified as food safe, these boxes meet stringent safety standards required for direct contact with food items. This compliance reassures both businesses and consumers of the safety and quality of the packaged products, making them a preferred choice for food and beverage applications.

Plastic-free, waterproof and grease barrier board Hydroboard®️

  • Sustainable alternative to polystyrene boxes
  • Hard-sizing for frozen temperatures
  • Printable on outer side
  • Customized sizes on request
  • Food contact certifications

Four-Points Boxes

Four-point boxes crafted from IB BLUE materials stand at the forefront of sustainable packaging solutions, skillfully balancing eco-friendliness with operational efficiency and market appeal.
Four-point boxes crafted from IB BLUE materials stand at the forefront of sustainable packaging solutions, skillfully balancing eco-friendliness with operational efficiency and market appeal.
Their resource-saving design, coupled with the benefits of IB BLUE materials, offers a powerful solution for businesses aiming to innovate in their packaging strategies while upholding environmental and operational excellence.
Here’s a comprehensive overview of their advantages, highlighting their unique design and material composition:
  1. Sustainability, Transport and Material Efficiency: Utilizing IB BLUE materials, these four-point boxes significantly lower environmental impacts, aligning with sustainability goals by minimizing carbon footprints and dependence on non-recyclable resources. The material’s eco-friendly nature, combined with a design that reduces bulk and conserves resources, addresses the increasing consumer demand for responsible packaging. 100% organic and 100% recyclable.
  2. Enhanced Product Protection: The innovative structure of four-point boxes, enhanced by the strength and durability of IB BLUE material, provides optimal protection for contents, particularly crucial for delicate items. This design effectively reduces product damage and waste during transit, ensuring items arrive in pristine condition.
  3. Consumer Engagement: The use of IB BLUE materials in packaging caters to the preferences of environmentally conscious consumers. This aligns with market expectations for sustainable practices, enhancing customer loyalty and reinforcing a brand’s commitment to the environment.
  4. Operational Efficiency and Compatibility: Four-point boxes made with IB BLUE materials integrate seamlessly into existing packaging lines, maintaining operational flow without sacrificing quality. This ensures businesses can adopt sustainable packaging solutions without disrupting their supply chain or efficiency.
  5. Market Leadership and Differentiation: By adopting four-point boxes that use less material by design and are made from IB BLUE, businesses can distinguish themselves as sustainability leaders. This not only sets a new standard in the industry but also enhances a brand’s reputation among consumers and competitors alike.
In essence, four-point boxes utilizing IB BLUE materials embody the ideal fusion of sustainability, efficiency, and consumer appeal.
Available in different materials: white-lined coated or uncoated, Brown lined, Hydroboard®️ or a combination of these.
• Standard size 600x400mm
• Customized sizes on request
• Printable o none or two sides
• Food contact certifications

Yoghurt Groupers

The transition to IB BLUE materials for yogurt groupers represents a major breakhrough in sustainable packaging within the dairy industry. This material offers a green alternative to traditional packaging, combining environmental benefits with practical utility.
Adopting IB BLUE materials for packaging, such as yogurt groupers, marks a pivotal shift towards sustainability in the dairy industry, blending environmental responsibility with enhanced product protection.
This move resonates positively with eco-conscious consumers, bolstering brand reputation while ensuring seamless production integration.
Here are the universal advantages of adopting IB BLUE materials:
  1. Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution: Utilizing IB BLUE materials signifies a commitment to reducing environmental impact by moving away from non-recyclable plastics, supporting broader sustainability initiatives. 100% organic 100% recyclable.
  2. Enhanced Product Protection: The structural integrity of IB BLUE materials ensures optimal protection for products during transport and handling, reducing the likelihood of damage and loss, thus maintaining product quality and customer satisfaction.
  3. Consumer Approval: This shift towards eco-conscious packaging meets the growing demand for sustainability among consumers, bolstering brand reputation and competitive edge in a market increasingly valuing green practices.
  4. Operational Efficiency: The integration of IB BLUE materials into existing manufacturing processes is seamless, maintaining uninterrupted production flow and adhering to high standards of efficiency and quality.
  5. Industry Leadership: By embracing IB BLUE materials for packaging, businesses not only demonstrate environmental stewardship but also lead the way in sustainable practices, setting new benchmarks for the industry.
Adopting IB BLUE material for yogurt groupers and similar products showcases a strategic move towards sustainability, without compromising on the practical aspects of packaging needs, positioning companies as leaders in eco-friendly innovation.

Six-Pack Carriers & Groupers

The shift towards IB BLUE materials for six-pack carriers and groupers marks a pivotal development in eco-conscious packaging across the beverage sector.
This innovative material provides a sustainable substitute for conventional packaging methods, harmonizing ecological benefits with functional utility.
Adopting IB BLUE materials for six-pack carriers and groupers signifies a major leap in sustainable packaging, blending eco-friendliness with functionality. This strategic move not only reduces environmental impact but also positions companies as pioneers in green packaging solutions within the beverage industry.
Highlighting the universal advantages of utilizing IB BLUE materials includes:
  1. Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution: The choice of IB BLUE materials underscores a dedication to minimizing environmental impact by replacing non-recyclable plastics, thereby supporting wider sustainability goals.
  2. Enhanced Product Protection: IB BLUE’s materials strength guarantees superior protection during transportation and handling, diminishing the risk of damage and loss. This ensures the preservation of product quality and elevates consumer satisfaction.
  3. Consumer Approval: Transitioning to eco-friendly packaging aligns with the increasing consumer demand for sustainable products, enhancing a brand’s appeal and providing a competitive advantage in a sustainability-conscious market.
  4. Operational Efficiency: Incorporating IB BLUE materials into the production of six-pack carriers and groupers is straightforward, ensuring a smooth continuation of the manufacturing process while maintaining high efficiency and quality standards.
  5. Industry Leadership: By adopting IB BLUE materials for packaging, companies not only exhibit their commitment to environmental stewardship but also set new industry standards for sustainable practices.

Confectionery Packaging

The adoption of sustainable packaging solutions in the Confectionery Industry represents a significant stride towards environmental responsibility and operational excellence.
By integrating eco-friendly materials and innovative designs, confectionery packaging not only aligns with global sustainability goals but also meets the unique demands of cakes, candies, and chocolates.

We offer a wide range of solid board products, each characterized by outstanding qualities designed to meet and exceed your expectations.
Here are the key advantages of pursuing sustainable packaging within the confectionery sector:
  1. Eco-Friendly Materials: Utilizing sustainable materials for confectionery packaging reduces the environmental footprint, moving away from non-recyclable plastics and towards materials that are biodegradable, recyclable, or derived from renewable resources.
  2. Enhanced Product Integrity: Sustainable packaging solutions offer the necessary protection for delicate confectionery items, ensuring they remain fresh and intact from production to consumption. This is crucial for maintaining the high quality and appeal of cakes, candies, and chocolates.
  3. Consumer Engagement: Eco-conscious packaging resonates with today’s environmentally aware consumers, who prefer purchasing products that demonstrate a brand’s commitment to sustainability. This shift enhances brand loyalty and aligns with consumer values.
  4. Operational Efficiency: Modern sustainable packaging solutions are designed to be compatible with existing manufacturing and packaging processes, ensuring that the transition to greener options does not disrupt production efficiency.
  5. Innovation and Market Leadership: By embracing sustainable packaging, confectionery businesses can position themselves as leaders in innovation, setting new standards for the industry and differentiating themselves in a competitive market.
Implementing sustainable packaging solutions in the confectionery industry allows businesses to balance environmental stewardship with the practical needs of protecting and marketing their products.
This approach not only contributes to a healthier planet but also builds a positive brand image, ultimately leading to greater consumer trust and business success.

Oyster & Seafood

Sustainable packaging that keeps freshness intact.

Our water-resistant packaging solutions for oysters and seafood redefine industry standards, delivering unparalleled protection in wet and frozen conditions while championing environmental sustainability.
By implementing our specialized water-resistant packaging solutions for oysters and seafood, companies can achieve a harmonious balance between ecological stewardship and the practical demands of seafood preservation.
This approach not only supports a more sustainable future but also enhances product quality, consumer trust, and brand strength in the competitive seafood market.
Here are the key benefits of adopting our specialized packaging for the seafood sector:
  1. Water-Resistant Materials: Our selection of solid board packaging is specifically engineered to be water-resistant, perfectly suited for the inherently moist conditions of oyster and seafood products. This shift away from non-recyclable plastics towards materials that excel in wet and frozen environments significantly reduces environmental impact.
  2. Enhanced Product Integrity: The durability and adaptability of our packaging materials ensure that seafood products are protected under various conditions, from deep freeze to moisture-rich environments. This level of protection is vital for preserving the freshness, quality, and safety of oysters and seafood from catch to consumer.
  3. Optimized Branding Opportunities: Despite the challenging conditions, our packaging solutions offer perfect printing capabilities, enabling effective branding that stands out. This allows businesses to maintain their brand visibility and engage consumers with appealing packaging that withstands the rigors of seafood distribution.
  4. Operational Compatibility: Designed with the industry’s operational needs in mind, our packaging solutions integrate seamlessly into existing processes, ensuring efficient production and distribution without compromising on sustainability or quality.
  5. Innovation and Leadership in Seafood Packaging: Embracing these advanced packaging solutions positions businesses at the forefront of sustainable practices within the seafood industry. It demonstrates a commitment to innovation, environmental responsibility, and market leadership.

MAP Trays

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) solutions offer advanced preservation for a wide range of products, ensuring freshness and extending shelf life under optimal conditions, all while supporting sustainability efforts.
The deployment of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) represents a significant leap towards enhancing product longevity and quality while adhering to sustainability principles.
By carefully adjusting the atmospheric conditions within the packaging, MAP technology effectively extends the shelf life of perishable goods, meeting the dual objectives of reducing food waste and minimizing environmental impact.
Here are the key benefits of implementing MAP solutions:
  1. Extended Shelf Life: MAP technology meticulously alters the internal atmosphere of the packaging, slowing down the deterioration process and preserving the freshness and quality of perishable items, from food products to sensitive materials.
  2. Sustainability Enhancement: By extending product shelf life, MAP significantly contributes to reducing food waste, a crucial step towards more sustainable consumption patterns and efficiency in the use of resources.
  3. Operational Efficiency: Designed for seamless integration into existing packaging lines, MAP solutions maintain high standards of efficiency and quality, ensuring businesses can adopt advanced preservation methods without disrupting their operations.
Adopting Modified Atmosphere Packaging solutions aligns with the growing need for innovative, eco-friendly packaging technologies that not only safeguard product integrity but also contribute positively to environmental sustainability goals.

Fruit & Vegetable Trays

Our packaging solutions for fruit and vegetable trays are engineered for freshness preservation, sustainability, and enhanced display, offering an all-in-one solution to meet the industry’s demand for quality and eco-conscious packaging.
The introduction of specialized packaging solutions for fruit and vegetable trays marks a pivotal advancement in preserving freshness and enhancing the appeal of produce on the retail front.
These solutions, designed with both functionality and sustainability in mind, cater to the unique requirements of fruits and vegetables, ensuring they reach consumers in optimal condition.
Here are the core advantages of adopting our packaging solutions for fruits and vegetable trays:
  1. Optimal Freshness Preservation: Our packaging is engineered to maintain the freshness and nutritional value of fruits and vegetables, employing materials and designs that cater to the specific needs of different produce types.
  2. Sustainability Focus: By utilizing eco-friendly materials that are recyclable and biodegradable, our fruit and vegetable tray packaging reduces environmental impact and supports sustainability initiatives within the produce industry. 100% organic, 100% recyclable.
  3. Enhanced Display and Branding: Designed for visual appeal, our packaging solutions enhance the presentation of fruits and vegetables, making them more attractive to consumers while providing ample space for branding and nutritional information.
Implementing our tailored packaging solutions for fruits and vegetable trays enables producers and retailers to maintain product quality, appeal to eco-conscious consumers, and ultimately contribute to a more sustainable and efficient food supply chain.

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  • Organic Produce Eco Skin Packaging: Biodegradable wrapping for organic products.
  • Pizza Base Packaging: Sustainable pizza box materials.
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