A Century of Excellence in Solidboard Solutions

Earning trust through our extensive experience in the international market and industry leadership.

Local Approach, Global Impact

Exporting Trust to Over 40 Countries

We are proud to be a global company with a local approach and have partnered with industries in more than 40 countries worldwide, exporting to all five continents.

Human Talent

Led by our CEO, Virginia Guinda, we have established ourselves as a key player in providing circular solutions.
Introducing Our Team Members

Smart Factory

Explore our innovative manufacturing process, where advanced technology meets eco-conscious practices. 
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Founded in 1916, Iberboard has evolved from a family business into a market leader in the graphic board industry.
We are proud of our Tradition


Efficient by Design: Iberboard’s Strategic Manufacturing in Tarragona, one of the most important logistic centers in Spain
From Tarragona to the World

Our Progress, in Figures

In Spain

We are market leaders in Spain and 3rd producer in Europe

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Long-standing business relationships based on commitment, service, and loyalty.

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Our century-long journey has  fostered adaptability and cultivated a legacy of extensive industry knowledge

At Iberboard, we are driven by a vision of a sustainable future

Our commitment to innovation and circular solutions drives our ongoing efforts to develop products that not only meet current demands but also anticipate future needs.

Our forward-thinking approach involves continuously developing and improving our products to stay ahead of industry trends. We are committed to guiding our clients through every step of their journey with us, from initial inquiry to post-purchase support, ensuring a seamless and informative experience.

Iberboard Stays Committed

Reliability is of the utmost importance to us.
We deliver the best solidboard following the quality and the standards required. 
Safety is a key element in the management of our company.
We are in compliance with all the certifications that the industry requires. All our workers are fully committed to follow proper safety measures and our accident prevention programme.
Service & Lead Times
We highly value your time
We are committed to delivering our product on time, and giving outstanding performance that our markets deserve and expect.
We adapt to the needs and demands of our clients
We are a company fully focused on customer satisfaction. We deal with the complexity of the markets to deliver excellence.

The Next-Generation Sustainable Mill

Smart Factory

Equipped with the latest technology, our factory is the heart of our operations. 

It stands out for its advanced machinery. We produce over 45,000 tons of high-quality graphic and solidboard annually. Our facility reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation, guaranteeing high-quality products. Our key machines include

All this process it is aligned with the best industry quality standards and is environmentally sustainable.

Pulp Treatment
We use 100% recycled raw materials.
The mix of raw materials comes from various recycled sources such as newspapers, mixed papers, old corrugated containers and chipboard. The raw material is drawn from three pulpers that feed our two paper machines. We have in place a stock preparation system that produces the finest pulp.
M1 produces the center ply
The pulp is dewatered in a Fourdrinier, followed by a press section and a dryer section. The continuous sheet is subsequently fed to the board making machine where it is laminated with the two outer liners, forming the three ply board.
M2 Produces the liners
The liners are made with a smoother surface finish to achieve the required quality. The liners are then laminated to the center ply, creating our three layer grey board.
Converting Area
Customized converting
The large sheets from the board machine can be further converted into small cuttings. The converting site has nine rotary slitters to ensure a perfect cut and the highest level of accuracy. Our tolerances are amongst the lowest in the industry. We also provide grooved board and rounded corners.

Over a century of paper manufacture


Founded in 1916, Iberboard has evolved from a family business into a market leader in the graphic board industry. Our transformation over the years reflects our adaptability, entrepreneurial spirit, and dedication to excellence.

Iberboard has been developing and expanding into various activities relating to the manufacture, processing and handling of paper and board.

Over its century-long history, Iberboard has consistently demonstrated leadership and entrepreneurial skills, becoming one of the first companies in Spain to export its products globally. Iberboard believes in continuing this legacy of leadership and is ready to implement the right business plan to achieve that goal. We stand prepared to provide all the necessary resources and tools to maintain the market’s trust and deliver the quality and service that customers deserve and expect.

We are a company made up of the individual values of each one of the members of our team. We provide a clear statement to the sustainability of the sector based on a very honest relationship with our customers and partners. We add value to our customers’ projects in order to grow together. Iberboard calls this relationship a sustainable win-win with our clients and partners.

Our Team

Led by Virginia Guinda, our team is the backbone of Iberboard. Comprised of industry experts, we work tirelessly to maintain our standards of excellence, innovation, and sustainability. Every team member, from production to sales, plays a crucial role in delivering the best to our clients.

Virginia Guinda


Bringing innovative vision and inspiring leadership to the company.

Juan Vila

Founder and President

A visionary leader with a creative and extensive background in the paper sector.

Marta Puiggené

CFO (Financial Director)

An expert in financial management contributing to strategic decision-making.

Marlèn Fuentes

Sales Manager

Driving force behind our sales team at Iberboard with a profound understanding of the market

Alejandro Guinda

Mill Manager

Pushing successful operations along every department

Artur Lladó

Production Director

Ensuring efficiency and quality in the production process

Norman Masià

Technical manager for Business Development

focused to meet customers’ specifications

Manolo Biz

IB BLUE Manager

introducing premium products along new markets

Jaume Llambrich

Spain Sales Director

Leading national sales with a strategic focus

Mark Boven

Export Area Manager

Handling international sales and global market expansion

Dora Martin

Export Logistics Manager

Ensuring timely and efficient international product delivery.

Carmen Sanchez

Customer Service Manager

Dedicated to maximum client satisfaction.

Isabel Torvisco

Logistics Iberia

Ensuring timely and efficient national product delivery

Whether you have specific product inquiries or need guidance on choosing the right options, our team is ready to assist.

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Smart Location

Iberboard's Strategic Manufacturing in Tarragona

Making our distribution network more efficient, cost-effective, and responsive, we stand as a dependable partner in the face of market shifts and geopolitical uncertainties.

At Iberboard, we are distinguished by our strategic manufacturing location in Tarragona, situated near one of the Mediterranean’s largest ports. Our proximity to such a significant transportation hub allows us to optimize our distribution, guaranteeing swift and dependable delivery of our products. This prime positioning ensures exceptional logistics capabilities. This strategic advantage reinforces our dedication to providing superior service and support to our clients, making us a trusted and efficient partner in the solid board industry.