A new generation of solidboard with outstanding qualities for the products of the future

Innovative and sustainable Solidboard materials with pioneering properties

We use cutting-edge technology to provide innovative solidboard materials with stunning features: waterproof, printable, greaseproof, with a water absorption rate close to 0. Perfectly suited to replace or reduce plastic packaging and exceptionally compatible with chilled, frozen, and humid conditions, offering an extremely accurate printing canvas for your branding, as confirmed by prestigious printers like HP.

Redefining the future through sustainable paper based solutions while maintaining industry standards to help you reduce the environmental impact of your products.

IB Blue Coated

Solidboard lined on 2 sides with white coated board

Brown Lined Solidboard

Dorexpack core lined with water resistant plastic-free Kraft liner

Brown Barrier Board

Waterproof brown lined solidboard


Solidboard lined with waterproof white virgin fiber coat

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