Ephemeral Architecture

Developing solutions for limited-time usage, suitable for tradeshows, exhibitions, and events.

In the world of Ephemeral Architecture, Iberboard stands out by providing innovative, sustainable solutions tailored for temporary installations. Our products are designed to offer structural integrity, aesthetic appeal, and personalisation through printing, perfect for creating impactful spaces without the long-term footprint. 100% organic, 100% recyclable.

KPIs include ease of assembly and disassembly, customization, structural design flexibility, and minimal environmental impact.

Trade Show Booth Components
Sustainable materials for constructing temporary trade show booths and displays.
  • Quick assembly and disassembly streamline event participation.
  • Recyclable options reduce event environmental footprint.
Event Signage and Decor
Eco-friendly signage and decorative elements for events.
  • Customizable options for event branding.
  • Materials can be recycled post-event, supporting green initiatives.
Other uses: Pop-up shop structures, exhibition panels, temporary galleries, festival installations.

Discover eco-friendly, architectural solutions that elevate your temporary spaces.