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Iberboard is Committed

Partner with us and redefine the future of eco packaging.

We provide high-quality supplies in line with industry standards, always tailored to our customer’s specific needs. Combining sustainability with forward-thinking innovation, Iberboard leads the next generation of Solidboard solutions.

Committed to our Customers

We deliver Solidboard solutions lead by professional customer service and precise, reliable logistics to offer a unique experience and top-tier products from our proficient factory.

Committed to the Planet

Crafted using a blend of recycled paper and subproducts derived from the hazelnut industry, making it 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and reducing environmental footprint with our Smart Factory. Our work represents our dedication to environmental responsibility and innovative design.

Leader in the Production and Distribution of Solidboard

We deliver top quality board following industry standards based on our customer's demands and requirements.

Assure perfect performance, optimal printing and trustworthy supply for your retail, food or luxury packaging, bookbinding, stationery, game boards and puzzles, display and advertising needs and more.
At Iberboard we take pride in our two distinct product lines, each designed to meet a wide range of industries needs without compromising quality or design.

Eco-friendly Graphic Board with exceptional resilience and adaptability in a range of applications

Redefining the future through sustainable paper based solutions while maintaining industry standards to help you reduce the environmental impact of your products.
We use cutting-edge technology to provide innovative solidboard materials with stunning features:

waterproof.    printable.    greaseproof.    0% Plastic.

Perfectly suited to replace or reduce plastic packaging and exceptionally compatible with chilled, frozen, and humid conditions, offering an extremely accurate printing canvas for your branding, as confirmed by prestigious printers like HP.

Not sure which product aligns with your unique needs?

Eco-friendly Graphic Board with exceptional resilience and adaptability in a range of applications

Reinforcing commitment to the environment, Dorexpack’s recycled graphic board materials exemplify how sustainable practices can coexist with superior quality and versatility.
Our Graphic board brand Dorexpack is widely used in numerous sectors, due to its stability and flatness.
Endless possibilities: It is a key element in many products such as hard cover books, hard box making, luxury box making, loose leaf file industry, board games, puzzles, agendas and more.

Environmental Protection at Iberboard

Raw Materials

Sustainably Sourced, Responsibly Used

Smart Factory

Efficiency Meets Innovation

Local Resource, Global Impact

Transforming Regional By-products

Circular Economy

Sustainable & Regenerative


Discover what materials are best suited for your industry needs

Food & Beverage

Sustainable packaging that keeps freshness intact.


Eye-catching and durable solutions for standout retail displays.


Reliable and safe packaging for care products.


Elegant and eco-friendly options for beauty brands.


Protecting and showcasing your multimedia products.

Board Games & Puzzles

Bringing fun and sustainability together.

Plants & flowers

Recyclable and water resistant flowerpots.

Ephemeral Architecture

Develop solutions for limited time usage. Suitable for tradeshows, exhibitions, and events.

Packaging & logistics

Meet your specifications with solidboard recyclable and biodegradable materials. Replace plastic, wood, metal, and composite packaging with paper-based solutions.


Lasting writing pads and filing devices


Replace non recyclable PVC singposting by eco-friendly paper based solutions.

Home Decor

Sustainable solutions that beautify spaces and the planet.

Publishing & Bookbinding

Preserving the written word with eco-conscious, European, KM0 materials

Luxury Goods

Packaging that sums up to the elegance and sustainability of your products.

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Not sure which Iberboard product suits you best? Our comparison guide is here to help, ensuring you select the ideal solution for your specific needs.

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