Iberboard is a leading European mill in manufacturing, processing and handling graphic board.

The three ply board designed
to give performance

Iberboard is commited

Our boards are developed from a responsible environmental perspective. We provide flexible and reliable service for our clients. We supply the perfect product development and experience for our customers. Our high performance product meets with their expectations.


We deliver top quality board following industry standards and always based on our clients demands and requirements.


Our capacity to innovate and our continuous improvement process, used alongside the newest technologies, deliver the most advanced solutions for the industry.


We develop customized solutions that answer any technical request or any logistical challenge. We offer our clients the best lead times of the industry.


We have the capacity to adapt and provide the solutions that our clients and partners request and expect.

Quality and resistance

Our boards are made out of 3 layers of 100% recycled greyboard to deliver the best possible product with a best in class performance and reliability.


In Spain

We are the graphic board market leaders in Spain and 3rd in volume production across Europe



We export over 60% of our production to more than 40 countries around the world.



Over 800 companies trust our products because of our commitment and service.


Tons per year

We have set this as our goal for the first year in order to consolidate our production as a global player.


Our graphic board has been used, and is being used, in numerous industries and sectors. It is a key element in many products such as hard cover books, hard box making, luxury box making, loose leaf industry, board games, puzzles, agendas and more…